Over 500,000 specimens

From snails to whales, algae to mahogany, our collections preserve an astonishing range of species illustrating the breadth and complexity of our Earth's biodiversity.


Welcome to the UMass Natural History Collections!

This hidden gem on campus contains thousands of preserved specimens – illustrating the wide range of biodiversity found on Earth over time! From sponges to sloths, and snakes to succulents – the collections have something for everyone.

Encompassing the UMass Herbarium, Morrill Greenhouses, and extensive animal collection, this page will cover each collection equally. Above are photos from vertebrate collections, as well as photos from @morrillgreenhouses

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Specimen Spotlight

Great Pitcher-plant

Nepenthes maxima

The great pitcher plant works by collecting water in its “pitcher.” Insects attracted to the plant become trapped in the liquid and are slowly digested. The plant is then able to consume the matter collected and utilize it for energy.

This species is widely variable in terms of pitcher size and markings. Its native range stretches from Southeast Asia to parts of Africa such as New Guinea but is a commonly cultivated plant around the world.

Come visit the Morrill greenhouses to relieve the stress of the upcoming finals! We're located on the first floor of Morrill III and are open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday-Friday.